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I did not like this game. There are a few reasons why:
No interactivity, it's the same scenerio every time and only a few choices. You make one wrong decision and game over. Next time maybe make different scenerios in WWII like japan, pearl harbor and germany. The storyline game doesn't make sense in the 2nd level, why do you die right away if you kill the prisoner?
Sorry man, this game is no good in my opinion.


It's a good slot game, generous but good. I won a lot, at one point I hadn't lost money for over 5 minutes. Just be glad you don't make real slot machines, you'd owe me like $2,000. It kept me playing it though. Good job

Very Cool

I really liked this game. It gets pretty challenging, but once you get used to it it's very fun. Maybe have some bigger blood explosions when you bomb some mother fuckers. Greaat job, A+

ahhh, no

I didn't like this game. The "slow" horses would win by a mile when I bet on the "fast" horses, and when I bet on the "slow" horses the fast ones would win. The stats don't make sense at all, overall I would rank it around the bottom 5% of newgrounds games. Sorry man, this game was not fun, and the music, oh GOD the music????!!!!
Better luck next time.

A little over hyped

Overall you have a great idea, and good grapics. I just wasn't as excited about it as other people. This is completely subjective and I'm not one of those bad raters that are bias and bash peoples work, you do have a good idea but I got bored quickly. First, sometimes the mouse control gets a bit "sticky" when you get the ball going fast, second you should have a keyboard control option, just in case. Good job overall though.

Nice Shooter Game

I like this game. It is well run and challeging, especially after the 1st and 2nd levels. I really like the boss sequences, and the graphics are classic. good job, no complaints here.

Very Nice!

Awesome. This is a great remake of an old game I used to play with my grandpa on old ms dos. Basically the same idea, angle vs power vs wind, but it's multiplayer! It's a very well put together game, nice epic soundtrack. For those of you rookies the aiming is supposed to be hard, but after a bit you get used to the idea. It's the whole point of the game. I do have a few tips for when you upgrade this baby:
Add the "room idea", like yahoo. Red vs Blue per game instead of the never ending battle, or better yet have two options so you can play with buddies if you wish. And maybe if you make 3 shots in a row you get an extra armor? Improve the disconnection problem, sometimes I get booted for no reason and it screws up the streak. Most importantly you should change up the scenery a little, maybe have 4 or 5 different styles of grounds that you can choose from.
Very good game, please make an upgrade!!!

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