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Major Problems

This game has major problems.
1. You die too easily. Once you flip over you're done, and that is way too easy!
2. It's a very akward game to play, to sensitive.
3. No music, now I know the SXbeetle has a damn radio!
My main issue is problems #1 and #2. I got tired of it after a few tries. Make it so you can flip yourself over, you'll keep peoples attention spans longer!

could do better

This game was kind of boring and senseless. I thought it would be more like GTA I, but instead it wasn't much fun at all. Entertaining for about 1 minute, now I want to do something else.

It's ok

This game is not for braindead high schoolers looking for violence and mind numbing activity, although I do like those kind of games too, this one is different. But the questions I felt were pretty lop sided, meaning some were easy and some were too damn hard in the same level. You should have difficulty settings, and the multiplayer requires you sign up. Level one should be easy stuff like on who wants to be a millionare, and then gradually get harder. Don't start out with stuff not many people know. Just a tip.


I must say at first I did not like this game. But once you start playing and getting more units in it was pretty fun. It didn't get very challenging until later in the game when a huge amount of points were required. My highest combo was 41 hits, then I almost ran out of time. Does this game end, or is it impossible? Anyways, this was fun!


Now this was more of a glamour game than a functional one in my opinion. The cinematics, in my opinion, promised more of a game than the one I found. Don't get me wrong, it was ok. Just really slow, unlike real battles. The cinematics were awesome, but the gameplay was rather slow and boring. And only 3 units to start? How do you win battles with 3 people? That's more like a fight at a party. You know Age of Empires? Maybe a line of archers and a unit of infantry would make it a little more interesting. Excellent effort though, I would like to see some improvements in the near future!

No good

This game is not fun. I got bored after a record 3 seconds. This needs to be taken off, it is a waste of space. I am a very honest reviewer, and honestly this game sucks. It's not even a game, it's a pathetic excuse for a novelty screensaver at best. I understand it is old, but even if it was made in 1980 it still would suck.

Fun and Interesting

This was a great representation of not only McDonalds, but all corporations in general. Good job with that! The sounds are very annoying, thank god for the sound on/off button. It was pretty hard at first, but once you get the ball rolling it's pretty easy. But in the end the corporation goes down at some point. I like the concept, and the message is clear: If you eat McDonalds, you might as well eat plastic.

On a side note I noticed you had some bald old men in dresses at the restaurant. Very funny, hence the 10 for humor!!!

Great Job!

Fun Game!

I like how fluid the controls are, it provides a new challenge old school mario cannot. Obviously it needs a sequel, the boss was pretty easy. Keep it up man!

Absolutely Friggin' Awesome!

Dude, you got this shit down man. There better be a fucking sequel dude, or I'm gonna throw you in the deepest part of your mind! Bwahahaha, you never should have left Candy Meadows!
Dude, this game was the shit!!! A little short, but fucking awesome! I have to ask, where did you draw your inspiration from? Is this concept original? (i mean the whole gravity thing). I enjoyed playing this game very much, keep on going man, you got something here! I especially loved the trippy part with the changing backgrounds and the funky music. If I had my choice I would rate this 15 out of 10, an extra 5 points for the level design. It reminds me of a never ending lucid dream. This game better get an award or something, great job overall.
voted 5, rated 10+. Pure genius!

HeRetiK responds:

I got a lot of inspiration from the fps "Prey" and the jump'n'run/adventure "Psychonauts". You should check them out, especially Psychonauts! :)

Very nice!

Fun game man. I like the concept with the night and day strategy, it provides a good challenge. It really doen't get hard until the 4th or 5th level. That's a good thing though, get some good practice your 1st time around.
Great work!

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