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It won't let me play!

Just kidding, I was reading some reviews and I guess people can't take the time to read the instructions, they must be French or something. Pretty funny. This was ok. I am a life long fan of MK right from the beginning. Fatalities are cool and all, but I was under the impression that you could create fatalitites from scratch, but that would be quite a hard game to program and play. I liked the graphics and the concept is pretty cool, but I did lose my interest within 10 minutes, but that's better than 80% of these Newgrounds games, so good job.
My main suggestion would be to have more charactors available, like Scorpian, Goro, and other pimp players. Maybe in the sequel (?), either way you should make more.

treevesuk responds:

Thanks for the review.
I agree with pretty much everything you said :-).

Sequel will happen if I ever complete all the work I got on at the moment, so maybe.

Thanks again!

Wow, loved it!

That was great. I love old school Metroid and Megaman, when I was a kid those were my favorite games. Screw Mario when you got Megaman and Metroid, I really miss those games, now a days you got all this 3D crap these old school games are hard to find. Brings back old memories.
A little short, but fun. Samus was a hard match at first, but it is easy to figure out after 2 or 3 times. Thank you for bringing back these glorious games! The concept is great, and it would have sold in 1989, too bad it's not 1989, kind of.
I beat the crap out of Samus, could have used a "pre-boss" though. Good job, you should make Mario vs. Luigi next time!

Not realistic

Ha, no I don't think this is realistic, I see so much crap on this site that isn't blammed it's nuts.
This is good though, not blamming material. I haven't made any flash myself, but I'm too poor to afford the software and too lazy to figure out how to hack it. It got a little repetitive after a while, you can't even see what you make, but whatever. I liked it anyways.

Well put together

This was fun, usually I do not like these types of games but I'll still play them. But I didn't like all of it. The good parts were the graphics, the sound was good (music got annoying after a while, very mario-ish), and the gameplay was ok.
The main thing I didn't like was there wasn't any health or extra lives. For a game this long there should be a few health tokens or something. Another issue is the game view, meaning some things appear out of nowhere (like the big snowball), and you get hit before you have time to react. Because of this you should include some sort of extra health.

Overall it was a well put together game, but you should really improve it in the future.

So sad it's not funny!

I rarely give out 10's or 0's, but this is definetly a 0. Complete garbage, you should really try again, game over for you! Now I'm not going to bash your work and not give you a reson why, so here is why it is complete garbage:
From the storyline right down to the gameplay it was awful. Since when does a football team lose after one tackle? The humor is 10 because I laughed my ass off after my team "lost".

Not only were the visual aspects horrible, what the hell kind of music is that? Badly recorded guitar, that's all it is. And your stupid "blood" puns were pretty corny. Bloodweiser? haha, yeah I'm laughing at you not with you.

Sorry if I offened you, but you really need to put more work into this stuff, this is bottom of the barrel crap! I'm voting 0/5 because of my waste of time. Good luck in the future.


Not so good, not so bad. Needs something, like a foot. It's a bit empty, but it's not too shabby. I do like the music, and the graphics were ok. I do think a high score list would bump this up to a 7 in my book, but without it seems a little pointless (as a game) unless your only trying to beat your own score.

For a dry bone game though it's ok. Average, I would say. Much better than that Wall Ball crap, but not as good as Mini Putt. Good Job.

KyleDaFox responds:

Thanks, it was just an experiment. Glad you sorta liked it.

Good concept, bad execution

this game got very frustrating. The stick is way to fluid. This game definetly needs new controls, I lost interest very fast. Seems there is little point to it as well.
If you fix up some new controls this could be really fun, but for now it's uber stupid

A lot of bugs

This game might be cool, but there is a lot of work to be done. There are a lot of bugs in it.
A few I've found:
1. When striking at full power with a sand wedge sometimes it doesn't even hit the ball, yet it takes away a stroke. And when you do hit the ball it barely goes anywhere (at full power), so what's the point of a sand wedge?
2. Out of Bounds is way to close to the course. Just feet away from the green and you have a stroke penalty.
The game in general needs work. It's pretty slow overall, and the player always starts out facing the same direction, making you turn all the way around before aiming, making the game go pretty slow.


I don't really think this is that racist, since the shooter is grey, but it really wasn't that fun or challenging. It needs some work, way too easy and the graphics are poorly done. There are a lot of games like this and this is probably the most basic.

it's ok

This was pretty good for 1999, but it's pretty hard. I'm not a bad gamer, but I'm not nearly the best. Maybe give people more than one life, my attention span was pretty short with this game, needs more power-ups, but overall it was pretty good.

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