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Wow, crazy luck!

This game was really fun, reminded me of millionare! My story was a rags to riches story.
I started at the top level and moved down one by one. By level 16 I only had $700, I hit all bad cards. Well, soon I eliminated the OVER card and the $ poured in. I got the million, add 1 and add 0, and I eliminated the -100% card. Well I ended up with $112515180, which is currently 4th place. Great game, 10 for humor because of my luck. It's all about luck though, so I'm not really bragging, I just thought it was funny.
Oh, by the way where is my $112,515,180? I take cash check or charge.

I BEEt it! (that's it?)

You know this would make a really good boss sequence, it's ok as a mini game. It took me about 4 tries to beat it, it's easy once you figure out where to aim in the beginning and let it rip!
I love the song, just not repeated like that, but it adds to the intensity.
Overall it would be much better if it were longer (hence the 6 rating).

too friggin easy

Way too easy, not too good honestly. The controls were weird, do you really expect me to pay for it? Nope, not me.
I beat it in about 2 minutes, hence the 2 for style. At least put 6 or 7 levels on the demo. The levels were too short. If you had better levels and a longer demo I MAY pay $5 for it (with 25 levels minimum). This demo does not convince me to buy it. 3 levels? are you kiddening?
Marble Blast 3d had a demo with 6 levels. That's a fun game that I would pay for. This? Nah...

antebios responds:

Amazing ! I made games for fun ! i never ask moneys !
It's free and you are complaining.the peep are weird...Why are you talking about money ?


Hey man It doesn't work. Do you support macs? All I get is a blank screen, and my computer is fine with any other game. Sorry but I have to give you a low score since I wasted 2 minutes of my life trying to get it to run. And if you don't support macs you should. Looked like a cool game.

Worst Game Today

Very boring, short and stupid game. I did not like this game, but with any game I give a complete review.

Graphics - Good Mario style graphics, could be cool if it were longer. -5 points for simple Mario style level, +3 for guy with gun.

Style - Dumb, level was way too short and corny dude with gun shooting shyguys. The damage system is flawed too, you die if you get too close to the shyguy without touching him.
-8 points for length, -1 point for damage system+1 for shooting shyguys with tight shotgun

Sound - Corny metal song, sounded awful. -8 points for quality.

Violence - None, besides the shotgun. Needs blood. -10 points for no blood, +1 for guns and shit

Interactivity - Ok, nothing special. You can jump and shoot. -4 points for simplicity of controls, +1 for learnability (is that a word?).

Humor - funny only because you're in Mario World shooting Shyguys. -4 points for length.

Overall - This game sucked. If it were 40 times or more as long it may deserve a 7 or higher.
-7 points for length, -3 points for corny Mario Theme with no new stuff. +1 for shooting Shyguys.
(note=all point values start at 10 and points get deducted or added after.)

I suck at this game!

I'm no professional gamer but this was hard!!
I lost interest quickly since 1 shot = death.

Graphics - Very well thought out, a little too much at times, but nice for a 2D game.

Style - Much like Earthworm Jim on crack. Right away it got very difficult and for the 1st boss, way too hard for level 1.

Sound - Good, no complaints in that department.

Violence - Nice, I rate this catagory very strictly. I like it when I split the feds in 2.

Interactivity - Very smooth gameplay, I didn't like the "S" key being jump, up arrow should do that (hence the 8)

Humor - Killing the feds is always kind of funny, the little alien guy is funny too, but the difficulty in my opinion takes away from the humor a little bit.

Overall - Good game but I lost interest very quickly. Level 2 should be as hard as level 1 is now, you should give people a little bit of a break in the 1st level, but this is my opinion.
Good game for other "better" players, but not for me.

Good Concept

I like the idea, very much. It was fun, I scored a 51 because I suck. I wish there was a colum for originality, but there isnt so I gave you a 10 in style.
I do have a few complaints though.
The game gets pretty boring with the same old level and stupid spikey thing that pisses me off.
The spikey thing doesn't even have to touch you for you to get hurt. I was getting more coins without touchng the spikey, yet I was losing health. Kind of frustrating. It just has to get close enough.

I say for the next version have different levels, different coind values and an improved damge system. Overall you have a good idea, it was fun. Which is more than I can say for some of the games on Newgrounds.
Good Job! (4/5)

so so

This is not very GTA III like, first off you die the second someone shoots you and you start over. Pretty crappy animation too, but it could be cool if you improve the story and graphics and make it more interactive.

Not a huge fan

First the things that annoyed me. I am not a know it all, but it doesn't take one to realize the distance measurements are flawed. I shot at very low power once, sonic went about 3 screen inches and it said I went 192 meters. That means sonic is about 50 meters tall. It's not a huge problem, but I would rather have a lower more realistic number like 100 rather than 2,345m. The music, oh god that got annoying. Bad bad bad. Made me want to quit early. And the game was really boring and repetitive in my opinion.
The good things are graphics, it was fun for a little while. And the choice of levels and charactors were really cool, something kitty cannon didn't have.
Overall this game was ok, please change that music for the next one, please.


Whether or not it's randomly generated, it's boring. I couldn't even finish the first level, you lost my attention. This game was not much fun at all, maybe to you and some others, but not me. And I really couldn't care less about graphics, it's about gameplay, and this game is boring.

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