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This was the shit man!

Excellent! This is a perfect sequel to your last MK outakes. They need a sex rating on these reviews because you had a 10 on that! "Want some robot lovin'?", haha!
And of course you brought back "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" for Cyrax, you should make Bannana man a charactor on the next one, and you need to make a 3rd. This was much more creative than the last one. Very good work, I enjoyed this very much.

Im enjoying this

Hey man, I really like what you got going on here, it's really funny. Thanks for using my song, it adds just a little humor to the already funny shit. You should continue these episodes, I have a perfect Fight song if they decide to duke it out. Feel free to use any of my songs, but honestly you don't need them, this is some funny shit. You got something here!
The sound of the voices are a little loud, but none the less this is a great concept.
Keep it up!


Hey dude nice use of my disney song. I was diggin' it bro!
I would say it's a perfect match :)
Anyways nice work with this, I really wasn't expecting anyone to use that song, but I guess every song has it's destiny.
This was funny, I like it.

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Great Game

Here is my official review for your game, I have individually graded each aspect of this game according to my perspective. So no, not a professional review, but at least you'll get someone else's point of view.

1. Substance - This game, although very basic in look and feel, has a good amount of substance. The style alone makes this game very fun, and look good as well. No extra fancy stuff, and it's better that way. I love simple games, and I enjoyed this.
93 / 100 - A

2. Graphics - Even though the graphics were quite basic, I still found them appropriate for the gameplay. There were a few things I disliked, for one the heat seeking missiles looked too plain, I would have chosen a solid color other then grayish white. But I really liked the retro look of this game, so I cannot judge it alongside any game after 1992 graphically speaking, so I can't give you a bad score for that. Just some minor details could be implemented.
85 / 100 - B

3. Gameplay - It's a very fun game, quite addictive, and something I will play again. I provided a very appropriate difficulty curve that kept my interest in playing. That is huge for any home made flash game. I liked the variety of weapons used, I also liked the point system you created for advancement in the game. Altogether a complete, simple dodging/defense game that was a lot of fun to play. Great work.
95 / 100 - A

4. Originality - The graphics, sound and style were very original. It was the gameplay that kept me wondering if I had played this before. That does not make the game less fun and addicting, just makes it seem a little repetitive. This could be fixed by simply switching up the levels (landscape, background (besides colors), music) on your sequel, which I hope you create.
75 / 100 - C

5. Sound - The music was well done, good mix, good composition, but once again it got very repetitive. I understand this is newgrounds, and you cannot have too much into the music that can take away from the gameplay, so repetitiveness is not an issue. Bass drum was a little loud during the gameplay. Altogether good stuff.
80 / 100 - C+

86% Average Rough Score

Bonus Points

*Addictive Bonus - 2 Points
*Retro-Flashback Bonus - 2 Points
*Excellent Overall Game Bonus - 2 Points

Total Score - 92% - A-

I voted 5/5 for this game because I like it, despite my review rating. Great work, I rarely give 9s on reviews and I rarely give a 5 for a vote, so you should be confident that this is good, and you should make more.

Until next time,


Pro - Good Presentation. Con - Too easy

6/10 - Average.

Really good presentation, nice graphics. Sound was ok, a bit repetitive. 5/5 pts.

Game was too easy, too much tutorial. I lost focus, which in turn I lost interest. A plot could fix that ailment. 1/5 pts.

Nice looking game, could use a little more substance to help hold a players interest. Maybe a goal other then beating levels and getting points? I give you props on the appearance though, nice work.

Too busy

There is way too much going on at once in this game, right from level one. The controls are way too complicated, it's just too flashy. And by the way the music is really busy as well.

Graphics - Pretty good, nice colors and overall clear and flashy. A little girly, but that's what you were going for. 8/10

Style - Too much style. Rather annoying actually. The game starts out very busy, not a good first level. And some of the enemies are hard and/or impossible to defeat. I lost interest very quickly. The story at the beginning is pretty corny as well. 2/10

Sound - I didn't like the music at all. That's just my opinion. 3/10

Violence - Not much at all. Could've used some blood. 1/10

Interactivity - The worst rated catagory of all. The controls were very confusing, the setup was poorly placed. It could've been better if the controls were easier to grasp. 1/10

Humor - Not funny at all, pretty annoying actually. 0/10

Overall - Needs some work. Not with graphics, but with storyline and controls. Difficulty is too high with a low interest level. Sorry but this game is worse than Yoshi Story.

maelstormm responds:

I would guess that you played the game expecting a grab'n'go one, but it's made so that if ya try that you're gonna get spanked. If you (or anyone reading this for that matter) don't want to spend a moment or two learning the in's and out's of the character you picked it's safe to say the game won't be to much fun because dealing with enemies that guard or take a certain approach to beat will = more of said spanking.

Don't know how to work blood into it since they're all robots and it's meant to be a happy-ish mood game.

If you don't like the control setup, then ya can change it >_>

Story is meant to be corny, it's just a goofy lil sidestory for the comic it's based on. If ya haven't read the comic then the story won't make much sense.

Most things are fair enough though, always personal preference on what makes a good game.

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Well, let me start out by saying I love the chicken dance, even with all the silliness involved. I will second that by saying this is much better then the last song of yours I reviewed. As for constructive criticism, well, it needs more. It needs more bass, it needs more melody, it needs more structure, in my opinion. But I do think it is an improvement, and I can see you are learning. So keep going brother, make it happen.

7/10 & 4/5

SSJ3-Goku4567 responds:

Thanks, ProfessorChaos. I'm sorry about my reaction to the first review you left me on my songs. I thank you for the constructive criticism. Peace to you, brother.


Great piece, I enjoyed it a lot. The mixdown is fantastic, that can be rare on this site. Great sounds, good work in general. My only complaint would be the ending, it all ended so quickly. You had such a base going on with the bass lines, the blasts, I felt it could've had a bigger ending. This of course is my personal opinion, so of course I gave you 5/5 since it was truly a work of art. Keep it up.


Here's another slacked melody hitting the dance scene. Very good effort with the arrangement, but seriously we need to hear a different damn progression!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong I like the song, but I am sick of hearing the same thing!!
Awful, just awful. Get original dude...

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