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Too busy

There is way too much going on at once in this game, right from level one. The controls are way too complicated, it's just too flashy. And by the way the music is really busy as well.

Graphics - Pretty good, nice colors and overall clear and flashy. A little girly, but that's what you were going for. 8/10

Style - Too much style. Rather annoying actually. The game starts out very busy, not a good first level. And some of the enemies are hard and/or impossible to defeat. I lost interest very quickly. The story at the beginning is pretty corny as well. 2/10

Sound - I didn't like the music at all. That's just my opinion. 3/10

Violence - Not much at all. Could've used some blood. 1/10

Interactivity - The worst rated catagory of all. The controls were very confusing, the setup was poorly placed. It could've been better if the controls were easier to grasp. 1/10

Humor - Not funny at all, pretty annoying actually. 0/10

Overall - Needs some work. Not with graphics, but with storyline and controls. Difficulty is too high with a low interest level. Sorry but this game is worse than Yoshi Story.

maelstormm responds:

I would guess that you played the game expecting a grab'n'go one, but it's made so that if ya try that you're gonna get spanked. If you (or anyone reading this for that matter) don't want to spend a moment or two learning the in's and out's of the character you picked it's safe to say the game won't be to much fun because dealing with enemies that guard or take a certain approach to beat will = more of said spanking.

Don't know how to work blood into it since they're all robots and it's meant to be a happy-ish mood game.

If you don't like the control setup, then ya can change it >_>

Story is meant to be corny, it's just a goofy lil sidestory for the comic it's based on. If ya haven't read the comic then the story won't make much sense.

Most things are fair enough though, always personal preference on what makes a good game.

it's ok

The screen size is the main problem I have with this game. It's hard to find enemies and kill them with such a small screen. I know that isn't your fault, but because of that I lost interest very quickly. It all moves really fast. It was a pretty good game, I liked the old school shooter mixed with the multiplayer concept, but it wasn't that much fun because of the screen size.

AndrewMartin responds:

That's the point of the radar though?

When there's nothing on the screen, you pretty much fly using the radar entirely. I think maybe it's an issue for people with dark screens or something, because most people seem to have gotten to grips with it fine =/

Great game!

Man, I read some of the bad reviews (very few), those people suck. This game is not impossible, it's the shit! The fact that you used a point system instead of the traditional stroke system makes it even better. You can still get point even though you're at a +30 bogey. It's great!
People with a short attention span would hate this game, and stupid people would call it impossible since they don't get the whole "gravity" thing, you really need to make a sequel!

Yes it takes a little practice and good luck, but overall I really enjoyed playing it. I came out with 27,405,200 points, don't know if that's good. The only complaint I would have is the screen size, but that's not your fault. It would be cool to play a game like this on a really big screen with bigger courses.

I found this game easy enough to be fun, but hard enough to keep interest levels high.
Great work, and please make a sequel!

Armegalo responds:

Have you checked out Galactic Gravity Golf Deluxe - sequel right there!

It won't let me play!

Just kidding, I was reading some reviews and I guess people can't take the time to read the instructions, they must be French or something. Pretty funny. This was ok. I am a life long fan of MK right from the beginning. Fatalities are cool and all, but I was under the impression that you could create fatalitites from scratch, but that would be quite a hard game to program and play. I liked the graphics and the concept is pretty cool, but I did lose my interest within 10 minutes, but that's better than 80% of these Newgrounds games, so good job.
My main suggestion would be to have more charactors available, like Scorpian, Goro, and other pimp players. Maybe in the sequel (?), either way you should make more.

treevesuk responds:

Thanks for the review.
I agree with pretty much everything you said :-).

Sequel will happen if I ever complete all the work I got on at the moment, so maybe.

Thanks again!


Not so good, not so bad. Needs something, like a foot. It's a bit empty, but it's not too shabby. I do like the music, and the graphics were ok. I do think a high score list would bump this up to a 7 in my book, but without it seems a little pointless (as a game) unless your only trying to beat your own score.

For a dry bone game though it's ok. Average, I would say. Much better than that Wall Ball crap, but not as good as Mini Putt. Good Job.

KyleDaFox responds:

Thanks, it was just an experiment. Glad you sorta liked it.

too friggin easy

Way too easy, not too good honestly. The controls were weird, do you really expect me to pay for it? Nope, not me.
I beat it in about 2 minutes, hence the 2 for style. At least put 6 or 7 levels on the demo. The levels were too short. If you had better levels and a longer demo I MAY pay $5 for it (with 25 levels minimum). This demo does not convince me to buy it. 3 levels? are you kiddening?
Marble Blast 3d had a demo with 6 levels. That's a fun game that I would pay for. This? Nah...

antebios responds:

Amazing ! I made games for fun ! i never ask moneys !
It's free and you are complaining.the peep are weird...Why are you talking about money ?

Absolutely Friggin' Awesome!

Dude, you got this shit down man. There better be a fucking sequel dude, or I'm gonna throw you in the deepest part of your mind! Bwahahaha, you never should have left Candy Meadows!
Dude, this game was the shit!!! A little short, but fucking awesome! I have to ask, where did you draw your inspiration from? Is this concept original? (i mean the whole gravity thing). I enjoyed playing this game very much, keep on going man, you got something here! I especially loved the trippy part with the changing backgrounds and the funky music. If I had my choice I would rate this 15 out of 10, an extra 5 points for the level design. It reminds me of a never ending lucid dream. This game better get an award or something, great job overall.
voted 5, rated 10+. Pure genius!

HeRetiK responds:

I got a lot of inspiration from the fps "Prey" and the jump'n'run/adventure "Psychonauts". You should check them out, especially Psychonauts! :)

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